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Luggage Carriers

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There are always too many things to stow when you go away, or you have a to transport a good which is bulky.  The Multiquip Luggage Carrier  is the solution.

With the same attachment method as our proven bike carriers, the Multiquip Luggage carrier attaches to your towbar.

Extra luggage transportation made easy - with  Multiquip Luggage carriers*

 *This product is not yet available as it is awaiting approval by the Dept. of Transport.

Key Benefits

bulletEasy to install and remove from tow bar
bulletEasy to load  and unload 
bulletDetachable Vertical Grid
bulletLight weight steel rack
 Luggage Rack not loaded

Types and installation

Our luggage carriers are available for all cars with a tow bar or a hitch. 


Luggage Rack close up Luggage rack with suitcases
Luggage Carrier with Wheelbarrow detachable upright part Towbar fixing detail

The Luggage Carriers are also available with steel  crates or pvc containers mounted.

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