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Multiquip Roof Ventilators

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Why ventilate your roof?

During the hot months the average house absorbs extraordinary amounts of heat.  This heat becomes trapped in the roof area and slowly builds up pressure similar to an oven.

The heat build up in the roof will eventually overload the insulation and penetrate down into the living area, making conditions unbearable.

Key Benefits

bulletSave $$$ by reducing power cost and home maintenance cost!
bulletSuitable for tin or tile roofs
bulletNo maintenance required!
(opposed to ventilators with moving parts)
bullet10 year product warranty

For more information see our Roof Ventilator Details.

10 logical reasons why to choose a Multiquip Roof Ventilator

  1. No moving parts - no maintenance or running cost.
  2. Attractively finished in roof matching colours.
  3. Powder coated on zincalume and aluminium.
  4. Saves money by reducing power costs.
  5. Improves insulation efficiency.
  6. Draws out hot moist air to keep your roof space at a cooler temperature.
  7. Rids your home of cooking fumes that carry and spread inflammable fatty material and odours from the kitchen.
  8. Improved performance of exhaust fans.
  9. Saves money by reducing home maintenance costs, i.e. electrical wiring, wood rot, plaster - items that can be damaged over time by poor roof ventilation.
  10. Leak proof installation with Dome and sheeting colours available to suit your roof colour.

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