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Multiquip Skylight Details

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High impact and UV resistant acrylic dome. Plain or ventilated skylight models, for metal or tile roofs. 

Roof flashing and collar
Leak resistant roof profiles for colorbond and zinc roofing; galvanised or in colorbond colours. The collar is made of zinc, but is also available in stainless steel.

Flexi tube ducting
Highly reflecting flexible tube for a bright natural light diffusion. Meets Australian fire regulations.

White thermoplastic flash frame with "K12 Prismatic" diffuser for even light distribution. 

A large range of leadlights is also available.

Multiquip Skylights are available in 3 convenient sizes (size refers to tube diameter)

  MQ-SL500  skylight with 500 mm diameter flexible shaft and diffuser

  MQ-SL400  skylight with 400 mm diameter flexible shaft and diffuser

  MQ-SL350  skylight with 350 mm diameter flexible shaft and diffuser

  Optional extras:

  Lead flashing on roof for maximum protection 

  Stainless steel collar

  Ventilation kit*

  Leadlights - please select from our broad range

*Ventilated skylight
As an option the skylight can be installed with ventilation components to enhance air circulation 
through the roof. This is recommended if a room has no ventilation or windows, eg Bathroom, 
hallway, walk-in-robe, toilet etc.

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